How to Know What You Want

If you have are unsatisfied from your life and can’t decide what you want from it, think about your dreams. You need to know what you really want from your life. Whether it be becoming a famous player, a good actor or a wealthy businessman. You may be fed up from working in office with average salary and want to run your own business, set your goals and take steps to accomplish them.  If you cannot balance your work and life, you will have a higher stress level. In order to make commitment in life and to start what you want, you need to assess your life goals.

Things Required:

– Spreadsheet software or pen and paper
– Highlighter pens


  • 1

    Jolt down your goals

    You should write down your long term and short term goals. Decide what you want for yourself in this life. For your short term goals, you need to decide what your immediate business plan is and how will you accomplish. In case you are going to start a small business, your immediate plan will be what products will be made or what services will you provide. You will also be required to determine your target market, income, costs and the way you will accomplish this goal. In case of long term goals, pursue with this business plan and see yourself in five years. If you want to become a footballer, your short term plan will be join a local club and practice as much as you can. For long term goals, you can see yourself joining Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United or any other big club after few years.

  • 2

    Personal goals

    You should write down a list of your personal goals which you want to achieve. These goals including marriage, number of kids, family planning and the things which will make your life comfortable.

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    Compare and contrast your goals

    You should compare your business and personal goals and make your life goals. You should highlight the goals which are most important from both lists and then calculate the costs and earnings.

  • 4

    Visit a professional

    You should see a professional in order to clear your goals and to ward off any depression you are suffering. In case you are fed up of your life and have thoughts about suicide then consider visiting a psychiatrist. Your life is the most important thing and you should value it. Suicide won’t help you in anyway. Try to fight the problems instead of running away from them.

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