How to Layer Cut Your Own Hair

Your hair is an extremely important part of your personality. Even with a gorgeous face, no one can look beautiful if their hair isn’t washed properly. The ladies, in particular, need to take very good care of their hair, focussing especially on the style and length.

Layer cut style is in fashion these days. This fantastic style freshens up a haircut, and gives the illusion of volume. Including chunky, featuring, long, short, full head and drastic. There is plenty of layer-cut styles.

But doing it on your own is a big task. You have to be familiar with the procedure, when it comes to layering your hair by yourself. It needs the right tools and technique to layer your own hair.


  • 1

    Before making any move, make sure your hair are washed and well combed. This will give you a better idea of the current length of your hair. Applying conditioner is not required, but you must keep them wet one way or another.

  • 2

    The second step is to decide what length you want to have. It is very important to note the length you want to take off. For instance, one may wish to tie this to a physical landmark, such as the collarbone or chin.

  • 3

    After considering the length, stand right in front of the mirror. The best possible situation is to arrange a couple of mirrors, as it will help you see both front and back of your head.

  • 4

    For whole head method, gather your hair to the top of your head, making a ponytail. Make sure the pony is right in the middle of your head, holding all the hair. Otherwise, you may find the uneven layers.

  • 5

    Before using the scissor, twist the gathered hair as tightly as possible into one particular direction. It is imperative that you note the direction you have twisted them into.

  • 6

    Now, it is the time to cut off the length that you noted earlier. Make sure the cut is very straight. You will notice that the twisted hair have a similar length, but once you let it down, many different lengths will appear.

  • 7

    Comb the hair, making them very straight. Gather the hair again, and twist them in the opposite direction. Repeating the same step, make a straight cut. Another important thing is to snip off any stranglers.

  • 8

    The final step is to wash your hair. You will be glad to see the different layers of your hair.

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