How to Leave Your Current Job for a New One

It is very natural for a person to seek greener pastures during the course of a career. Gone are the days when people were loyal to one organization and started and ended their career with them. Employers too are not as caring as they used to be before.

Switching jobs is quite common and there are many options available for anyone with skills and experience. However, when you are leaving one job for another, it is important that you do it the right way. It needs to be done in a professional manner to ensure that no ill feelings are left behind when you move on.


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    Inform Management

    As soon as you land your new job, let the management know that you will be leaving. Make sure that this is communicated to them in a professional manner and through a formal channel so that it is kept on record. Inform your superiors before you spill the beans to the coworkers. 

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    Serve Notice Period

    Most employers will require a notice period to be served as per the employment agreement. Ensure that you spend this period with the company. In case it was not mentioned in the agreement, do not leave the company hanging dry and help them out for a reasonable period of time, so that they can find a replacement for you. This will speak volumes of your professionalism.  

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    Fulfill Your Duties

    Make sure that you fulfill all your duties before you leave. There is no point in slacking around while you go through your notice period. The purpose of this period is that the work gets done while they look for a suitable replacement. Make it a point that you keep your end of the bargain. 

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    Help Your Replacement

    If the replacement comes while you are still serving the notice period, help him or her in the transition to the new role. Let the person know about how to deal with certain issues and when to do things to get the best results. If the person needs specific help which you can provide, be sure to do it. 

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    Leave on a Happy Note

    Often there are issues at work. When leaving a job, try to forget them and spend your last days at work on a happy note. If you have any issues with coworkers or bosses, try to bury the hatchet before you leave. 

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