How to Listen To God’s Direction

Sooner or later, everyone begins to look for God. As many people say, God works in mysterious ways and leads each individual to a special direction. They say that the direction which leads to God is difficult to adopt and follow. Some people choose the road full of pain and suffering while others decide to enjoy the temporary world.

In everyone’s life there comes a time when they call God in order to get immediate assistance. There are several ways to communicate with God. The most important point is that God is waiting for everyone and can be approached with the power of faith.


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    All people are sinful by nature, only few recognise it and others do not. Repentance is an essential condition for the remission of sins. Sometimes life checks on human strength. Life undermines their faith by testing if they prefer being pious or evil. Most people spend their entire life without having a clue about the direction they have been provided. They do not know how to follow the pattern set by God because of the lack of religious education. So, proper education is the first step in finding the right direction that leads to God.

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    God lives in the soul of everyone beyond any shadow of a doubt. The most traditional option for a conversation with God is to go to a place where you can practice religion like a Church, Mosque or a Synagogue. These places are good because these contain a lot of spiritual energy due to the thousands of faithful people who come there.

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    Prayer is also considered as the most effective way to worship and listen to God’s direction. You can tell about your problems in your own words, give thanks for what He has given you and your family through prayer.

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    Read the Bible or other religious books. God speaks to man through His Word. In these books, you will find many instructions, teachings and life examples. Read slowly and try to act accordingly. Develop an understanding and read it several times a day. Before reading, try to pray to God to guide you to the righteous path and show you the spiritual meaning of reading his books. Before choosing something to read, it is recommended to talk to a senior religious figure that can help guide you according to your faith.

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