How to Live Without the Start Button in Windows 8

Start Button is the most used button the Windows operating system. This is true for Windows 8 too, where it has several uses. You can access any application present in your system through a start button. It also allows you to search a particular app or program if you are unable to remember where it was installed.

But you can also conveniently access and perform various functions on Windows 8 by not using the Start button. There are various ways to do that. Now by remaining on the start screen you can open any particular app.

Go through the guide arranged below and see how you can live without the start button in Windows 8.


  • 1

    Entering the Start Screen

    On the bottom left corner of the screen you will see an amazing feature of Windows 8 that is; hot corners. This will give a preview of your Metro style Start Screen.

    After clicking the bottom left corner you will be allowed to access the start screen. When you move the cursor away, the icon will vanish.

    Even if the task bar is on the top of the screen you still have to drag your cursor towards the bottom corner to access the start screen.

  • 2

    The Power User Menu

    On the same hot corner if you right click, a menu will appear on the screen showing various administrative options. From there you can easily access the Device Manger, Windows Explorer, Control Panel, Task Manager, and several other administrative screens.

  • 3

    Searching for Apps

    If you press the Windows key and then type the starting name of the app and hit the Enter button, it will allow you to efficiently launch an app in Windows 7.  This can also be done in Windows 8.

  • 4

    Displaying All Apps

    You are allowed to view all installed apps through the Start Screen. If you right click on the Start Screen, a menu will open. Then you will have to click the All Apps option which can be seen on the bottom of the screen.

    The entire list of apps can be viewed, which includes Metro and normal Windows applications.

  • 5

    Pinning Apps to the Start Screen

    On the same page where apps are being viewed, if you right click on any app and click on the Pin to Start option viewed in the popup menu then this will help in pinning the app to your Start Screen.

    The pinned app will later come on your Start Screen as a tile. If you wish to remove a tile form your screen, simply right click on the particular app and click on Unpin from the Start option.

  • 6

    Pinning Apps to the Taskbar

    To pin apps on the task bar you will have to right click on the specific app and then select the Pin to Taskbar option form the popup menu. You can pin all those apps that you use often in order for them to remain on the desktop.

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