How to Look Like Angelina Jolie

American actress and director, Angelina Jolie is surely one of the most beautiful and sexy ladies in the Hollywood. Her plump lips, neat skin and wonderful figure are matchless. One can easily hail her as one of the most charming women in the world. She is appealing, and forces everybody to look at her.

Besides her fantastic acting skills and physical beauty, Angelina’s social work makes her a role model for the entire world. While men see her in dreams, the ladies want to look like her. Although it is almost impossible to be as naturally beautiful as Angelina, a girl could look like her by making a few smart moves.


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    Confidence is the key to be like Angelina. There are thousands of extremely beautiful women in the world, but only a few are as confident and charming as Angelina. Confidence is one of the main man-eating factors of the beautiful actress.

    Nobody is flawless in this world. But it is all about hiding your flaws with great confidence. And this is what Angelina does. Boost up your confidence, as this make you more attractive just like Angelina.

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    Good fitness and well-shaped body are also pretty important. The actress is naturally skinny. There is no need to become a diet freak. Make sure you have a healthy weight on your body.

    There are no specific facts about her current exercising routine, but Angelina has always been an advocate exerciser. When improving her fitness for the blockbuster Tom Raider, she used to work out heavily, such as treadmill, push-ups, yoga and kickboxing. Work on your fitness to shape up your body.

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    A few simple makeup techniques can make you look like her. By doing makeup on your cheekbones, you can make your face look longer just like Angelina. Also try to do squarish eyebrows in order to create an effect of square jaw and lower cheekbones.

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    Angelina’s hair are also quite awesome. She has long hair with a few layers. Visit your hair dresser and ask him/her to cut your hair in Angelina’s style. Don’t forget to use hair colour. Choice is yours, but the best option is a brunette with auburn tones.

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    After preparing your body for an Angelina look, it is the time to work on your clothes. She mostly wears colours like beige, black, grey and white. A little classy yet nice looking dress can easily make you as sexy as Angelina.

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