How to Look Like Shakira

Everybody wants to look his his/her favorite celebrity. Shakira is probably one of the most popular Latin singers in the world. She was born in Barranquilla, Colombia, and started singing in her school-days. She used to perform for her fellow students locals. Apart from her vocal skills, Shakira is considered to be one of the most attractive female celebrities these days.

Shakira’s styles have changed throughout her career. She loves to reveal her tight tummy through Arabic belly-dancing outfits. However, Shakira’s lion-like hairstyle is her signature, which has become popular all across the world.


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    Have a flat tummy

    Join a belly dancing school and start working on your abs if you want to look like Shakira. She has a flat tummy and is often belly dancing in her music videos with her signature hip movements. You will need to work a lot on your fitness if you want to mimic her.

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    Avoid blemishes

    In order to avoid blemishes, buy as many facial products as you can. In order to look like Shakira, you must take care of your skin efficiently, especially in winters. Buy some Neutrogena or Proactive and let it seep into your skin.

    Use branded products because ordinary beauty creams or lotions can have an adverse effect on your skin and overall personality. You should always go for credible brands even if they cost more.

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    Hair style

    Dye your hair like Shakira and never be afraid of experimenting. If you have a fair complexion, a hair style like Shakira will surely help you look like her.

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    Be confident

    Shakira’s most important trait is her self confidence, which is the reason why she is able to perform so well on big stages. Be confident in what you are and do not be shy in facing the world. Confident people naturally look attractive. Be proud of what you are and always have a smile on your face.

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    Hire a stylist

    If your budget allows you, hire a professional stylist, who can groom your personality and help you look like Shakira.

  • 6

    Learn multiple languages

    Spanish is Shakira’s native language but she is very fluent in English as well as Portuguese. She can also speak some Arabic, Italian and French. The ability to speak multiple languages adds a different dimension to Shakira’s personality. Therefore, if you want to look like Shakira, learn different languages.

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