How to Lose 70 Pounds in 9 Months

With the advancement of science, we are discovering more and more about our own health and issues related with it. We are now aware about issues related with health than people were a hundred years back.

However, with the advent of technology, we have lost a lot of the physical activities the people of that era indulged in and our lifestyles have almost become sedentary. More knowledge certainly does not mean more application and that certainly is the case with us.

Although we are well aware of the risks associated with junk food, we still eat it like crazy. Refined foods, some of which have been associated with dangerous diseases like cancer are caused by some of these yet we continue to consume them in everyday life.

Obesity is at an all time high and everyone wants to get in shape. It is easier said than done. If we want to get rid of our obesity and lose 70 pounds in nine months, it will take a lot of effort and adoption of a healthier life style.


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    Commit yourself to the goal. You have to be confident and determined that you will achieve the goal and you will give it your all. Once you have your mind set on it, your body will follow and you will make the right moves.

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    Healthier Food

    Drop that bag of your favourite potato chips, lose the pizza parlour’s number and forget those crazy hot wings. You need to eat healthy food to lose weight. Cut the extra fat and eat more whole grains. Adding fruits and vegetables to the diet will also help in feeling full without packing all those calories.

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    Watch the Calories

    Often we overeat without realising it. While eating something, always refer to the packaging for nutritional data. Sometimes your favourite snack is bursting with calories without you being aware of it. Guidelines for daily consumption of calories varies between 2000 and 2500 in various countries, make sure that you consume around 500 calories less than what is recommended.

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    Walk is underrated. You can lose an extra 250 calories per hour with the help of brisk walk. Ideally walk at least for an hour though more is better. The more you walk, the more you lose and the healthier you get.

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    Along with walk, do some exercises as well. If you have strong knees, you can do sets of 20’s in jumping jacks several times a day. You do not need to do heavy exercise but half an hour a day can keep that metabolism going all day. Try to do light exercises even at work and do not sit on your chair for more than half an hour at a time as it slows down your metabolism.

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