How to Lose Pesky Pounds before Vacation

It is only natural to feel like getting yourself in shape before heading out for a vacation, so that you can show off your beautiful body with confidence while soaking the sun in a bikini, or wearing your favourite and classiest clothes while sightseeing, meeting new people, etc. If you feel that you are a bit out of shape and need to shed off the unwanted, pesky pounds in time for your vacation, then you need to commit yourself seriously to the weight loss routine. After losing weight, you will find yourself reaping the reward in form of admiring looks and smiles from the opposite gender, be it your spouse or a complete stranger.


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    One of the most effective and consequently most common ways to lose pesky pounds in no time is to exercise. Making activities like walking, jogging, cycling, etc. a part of your daily routine and committing to these exercises for 30 minutes to one hour would be sufficient to break some sweat and burn off some extra pounds. These exercises also qualify as cardiovascular exercises, thus keeping you healthy and increasing your stamina.

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    You need to burn off more calories on than you consume in a day. This basically means that if you consumed 2000 calories, you need to burn more than 2000 calories during the day to shed off the extra pounds. You do not have to torture yourself by starving yourself. Instead, eat relatively less and exercise more.

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    Cut down on your snacks. While having one packet of chips is hardly going to cause any problems, eating three to ten packets is definitely going to result in you getting out of shape. When you feel hungry in-between meals, it is best to drink water.

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    Increase the numbers of meals you eat each day. Instead of having three large meals a day, start having five or six smaller meals. This will help in digestion and also keep your sugar level from going down, meaning less hunger pangs.

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    Eat healthy food such as vegetables and fruits. Both the types of foods are extremely beneficial. Vegetables are an excellent source of fibre, which help in digestion, while fruits supply the body with useful vitamins and nutrients.

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    Drink lots of water. Drinking water before you start eating your meal will make you feel full earlier and thus make it easier for you to stop eating. Drinking more water will also allow you to stay hydrated.

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