How to Lubricate Zippers and Drawers

A stuck zipper or a drawer can be very frustrating at moments especially when you want to get ready quickly or finding an important document. Lubricating zippers and drawers will not only help in opening or closing them smoothly and easily but will also increase their life. Lubricant’s layers reduce friction in the slide of a drawer or opening and closing of zippers. It will also reduce the chance of repairs or replacement of slides and zippers.

Things Required:

– Zipper lubricant
– Toothbrush (optional)
– Candle wax
– Paper towels or shop cloth
– Spray lubricant


  • 1

    Lubricate plastic Zipper

    Remove the dirt

    First of all you need to unzip the garment and then remove all debris with help of an old toothbrush or the brush which came with the lubricant. Remember to check that the cap of the lubricant is closed.

  • 2

    Apply the zipper lubricant

    After cleaning the zipper, apply the lubricant. You need to squeeze out the gel and then rub the zipper. Remember to apply carefully as you do not want to damage the fabric. In case you have applied you require more then add more.

  • 3

    Zip it open and close

    Next you need to open and close the zip few times. In case you have applied more gel then you can remove the excess.

  • 4

    Lubricate drawer with metal slide

    Expose the metal slides

    First of all you need to expose the metal slides of the drawer. For this you need to pull out the drawer and remove out all the stuff.

  • 5

    Clean the metal slides

    Then you need to remove the debris and dirt from sides of the slides. Do this with help of paper towels or a shop cloth.

  • 6

    Apply lubricant

    Next apply the lubricant on the metal slides by spraying on it. Remember to hold paper towels under the slides when you are spraying the lubricant.

  • 7

    Open and close the drawer

    You need to place the drawer back and then open and close it few times. In case the drawer isn’t working smoothly then you can apply lubricant one more time.

  • 8

    Return the items

    In the end you can place your stuff back in the drawer.

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