How to Make a Birdbath out of Concrete

Do you like to see birds flying over your garden? Do you find it relaxing to watch them sit in your backyard alongside dragonflies and butterflies? You can always offer them things which will make them stay for a longer period of time.

One thing that you can add to your backyard or your lawn/garden is a concrete bird bath. It makes the birds sit there for a longer period of time and you can enjoy watching them drink water and taking a bath in, sort of, a natural environment.


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    You first have to find all things required for making a concrete bird bath. Start off by finding yourself a large plastic bowl which you have been using for salad. If you don’t have them already, you can always find one in garage sales or even dollar stores.

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    Once you are done with finding one, fill it with cement. Make sure you do not put too much cement in it and then mix it in water and get a solution. Try to mix the cement in another bowl or using the salad bowl will not be too much of an issue as well.

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    Now it’s time for you to find yourself an empty can. Even a pail would work. If you can’t find any of these, try to find yourself a one-gallon can of paint. Once you have any of these three things, add a lot of sand and rocks inside it so that it has a lot of weight. Once it is done, wrap it with a plastic wrapper.

  • 4

    Now the salad bowl should be empty and the can that you just wrapped with a plastic wrap, you can now put it right in between the salad bowl which you picked up in step one. Now add the concrete mixture and keep putting the mixture until and unless it reaches the mouth of the bowl.

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    Now wait for a while and let the mixture dry off. Once it is dry, you will see that it will be hard for you to take the can out. For starters, it was already heavy, and now it has been stuck inside with a lot of cement.

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    Now it’s time for you to push the can strongly when things are not totally dry. It will leave behind a big circle and now you can wait for at least a day to let the cement dry off. Now remove the salad bowl with a knife and spray over it so that there is no dust left behind.

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