How to Make a Caesar Cocktail

Are you looking for something delicious and refreshing in order to get nice complements from your friends, colleagues, and family members? Then Caesar Cocktail is the right drink for you, as it is famous all over the world for its amazing taste and attractive color. Discovered 43 years back in Canada, Caesar Cocktail is one the world’s best mixed drinks. Restaurateur Walter Chell invented it on the inauguration of an Italian restaurant but no one could even think that this simple recipe will hit the road like a rocket and can become famous beyond the national borders of Canada.

Getting back to the Caesar Cocktail, it is traditionally made from very simple ingredients like vodka, Worcestershire Sauce, Tabasco, Salt, Pepper, and Clamato Juice. This interesting cocktail is best served in an old-fashioned celery salt-rimmed cocktail glass. If you want to give this drink a traditional look, then garnish it with stalk of celery or lemon wedges and serve with ice cubes. Enjoy the below given recipe and enthrall your guests by giving them this cocktail!

Preparation Time: Approximately 5 minutes
Serving Size: 01
Utensils: Cocktail glass, Stirrer
– (1½ oz) Vodka
– Dash Worcestershire Sauce
– Dash Tabasco Sauce
– Salt & Pepper for taste
– Clamato Juice for topping
– Ice Cubes
– 1 celery leaves attached stalk and 1 lime wheel for garnishing – optional
– Celery salt


  • 1

    Select the right glass for the cocktail

    First select the right glass for Caesar Cocktail. It is better to use a large one, like an old-fashioned glass, highball glass or a goblet.

  • 2

    Rim the glass with Celery salt

    Once you select a cocktail glass; take a lemon wedge, and rub it around the edge of your glass until wet. Now dip the wet edge of your cocktail glass into a plate that has celery salt on it.

  • 3

    Add ice cubes to the glass

    Now, fill ¾ of the glass with ice cubes. However, you can use crushed or cracked ice as well.

  • 4

    Add the ingredients

    Add a dash of Worcestershire Sauce, dash of Tabasco Sauce, Salt, and Pepper into the cocktail glass.

  • 5

    Pour in Vodka

    Pour in 1 ½ of vodka and give it a very brief stir in order to mix them well.

  • 6

    Top the glass with Clamato Juice and garnish

    Top your drink with Clamato Juice and garnish it with celery stalk and lemon wedge.

  • 7


    Get ready for some nice complements as you Caesar Cocktail is all set to serve.

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