How to Make a Delicious Tea

Tea has been an integral part of human life in many regions for more than five thousand years and in many cultures, making tea is considered to be an art form. Apart from being a wonderful delight to serve your guests, tea helps you rejuvenate your energies after a hard day at work. There are countless people, who are addicted to tea and need a couple of cups every day at any cost. While tea is not bad for health, getting addicted to it is not recommended by health experts. If you know how to make delicious tea, you surely have a great art up your sleeves, which can help you win hearts and to leave a brilliant impression on your guests.

Prep Time: 10 min
Cook time: 3 min
Yield: 4 cups

Water: Four cups
Tea: 5 teaspoons
Sugar: 1 teaspoon per cup or as per taste


  • 1

    Fresh and cold water

    The first step towards making a delicious tea is to arrange fresh and clean water. Some people do not give enough importance to this part of making tea as they feel that the germs would go away once the water is boiled. However, without fresh and clean water, making good tea would be impossible.

  • 2

    Heat the water

    You just have to boil the water if you are making herbal or black tea. However, the water needs to be heated just to the boiling point while making green tea.

  • 3

    Add tea

    Now you need to put the water over loose tea in a teapot. Per cup (about six ounces), you should use one teaspoon of tea. You should add another spoon for the teapot. Once you have added tea in the hot water, you should close the lid on the teapot.

  • 4

    Brew the tea

    Now you need to steep or brew the tea. While making green or black tea, it needs to be brewed about three to five minutes. Brew herbal tea for about four to six minutes and all kinds of wellness teas (ginko, mint, or chamomile) should be brewed for approximately six minutes.

  • 5

    Pour the tea into the mugs or cups

    Your delicious tea is now ready and you can pour it into mugs or cups. If you have used loose tea, it will settle down at the bottom of the teapot.

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