How to Make a Family Reunion Pay for Itself

The best time in one’s life is the time that is spent with the loved ones. Family is indeed the most important group of people in your life. The value of families, however, appears to be dwindling in this day and age where pragmatism has replaced emotions all together.

It is important to stay in touch with one’s family and to make sure that it reunites every now and again. It takes some planning and some expenditure as well but it is totally worthwhile. If you want to arrange a family reunion but are low on funds and finding it hard to arrange one, you can take certain measures that will help you in the process.


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    Plan it Well

    Plan it in a manner that the costs are kept to a minimum. There is no real need of booking a restaurant or using expensive catering services. A home rented for a day away from the city will do. Cook at home to cut further costs and use crockery from home. If there are too many people for your own crockery to suffice, you can get some disposable ones to help you in that regard.

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    Ask for Money

    Ask your relatives for money in order to arrange the family reunion. Most reasonable people will not mind since it is the duty of the whole family to stay in touch and not just your responsibility. Contact the more well to do members of the family first, they may be willing to pay for the whole affair, reducing your effort in this regard.

    Taking the initiative is crucial as that allows the family members to come together and have some good time.

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    Ticket on Entrance

    If the method in step two is not possible, the guests at the event can be told in advance that there will be an entry ticket for each member of the family who will be attending. Keep it low and make sure that you divide all the expenses well. This should get you the required amount of money and you should be able to arrange the event with very little expense of your own.

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    You can also hold an auction at the reunion. This will not only help in collecting funds for the event but also add a little bit of fun. Have a mix of some new and old products at the auctione so that everyone’s choice is catered to.

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