How to Make a Flaming Sambuca Cocktail

The Flaming Sambuca cocktail is made to give the drinkers an extra lift as it is one of the strongest flaming drinks ever created which gives you extra hype soon after your drink it. The drink is sometimes referred as flaming Sambuca shot and also referred as flaming Sambuca cocktail.

It is made by using two very simple ingredients, one Sambuca itself and the other one is just the coffee beans. The drink creates a quicker hang over and the drinker can’t stop having more and more shots of it as it is made for the hard core drinkers.

Hence, if you are a hard core drinker and want to have some fun filling Sambuca party with your friends then I should suggest you to make Flaming Sambuca cocktail by following easy steps illustrated below.

Preparation Time: 3 minutes

Utensils: Long lighter or match stick, shot glass

Serving size: 1


– 1 ounce of black Sambuca
– 3 coffee beans


  • 1

    Take a shot glass and add three coffee beans in it.

  • 2

    Now take one ounce of black Sambuca and pour it into the shot glass containing the coffee beans.

  • 3

    Take a long lighter or a match stick and set shot glass filled with Sambuca on fire for not more than ten seconds.

  • 4

    Now cover the shot glass by your hands to blow out the fire.

  • 5

    Now inhale the air created underneath your hand and then drink the shot while it's still hot.

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