How to Make a Galaxy Painting

Making a galaxy painting can be fun project for you and the rest of the family. The vastness of space can create a nice open design on your wall or ceiling that can be enjoyed for many years. Friends will be in awe as they see your impressive galaxy painting that you can make at home. Making a galaxy painting can be quite challenging especially if you are not very artistic. However, if you want to make a nice galaxy painting then there are some simple techniques that you can follow to help you with this fun filled project.


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    Choose your design:

    Be sure to find some good quality images and drawing of galaxies in books or on the internet. Print out these designs that you can easily follow on a large scale for your galaxy painting. Remember to pick a design that is not too complex and that you can easily handle.

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    Proper tools:

    Make sure that you have all the proper tools like measuring tape, pencils, pens, masking tape, paint and a ladder. You should also have sandpaper and a large drop cloth to prevent paint from hitting the floor.

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    Practice drawing:

    Try to make as many practice drawings to scale as you can. Use large size paper and sit down and try to draw out your galaxy design that you previously printed out. Remember to keep practicing to perfect your method.

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    Make template:

    You can use your best sample drawing to scale for use as a template while painting your galaxy on the wall.

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    Choose location:

    Find a suitable location on either the wall or ceiling that you want to make your galaxy painting on. Remember to choose a location that is easily accessible and flat.

  • 6

    Sand area:

    Gently sand down the area that you want to make your galaxy painting on. This will remove any imperfections in the wall.

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    Draw grid:

    Now using a ruler or measuring tape draw out a large grid on the wall. Be sure to keep each block of the grid to one inch square. This will help you take you print and increase the scale for the wall. Remember to use a pencil while drawing the grid on the wall just in case you make a mistake you can easily erase it and start over.

  • 8

    Begin painting:

    Depending on the style of galaxy painting you are looking to make, there are different methods to paint it on the wall. You can use a fine brush and carefully follow your template or another method includes using a spray mist to gently cover more surface area of your wall without coating too thick.

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