How to Make a Great Gift Basket for a Birthday Present

Birthdays are always around the corner if you have a large group of friends. It can sometimes become a problem to decide what to buy. A good idea will be to make a personalised gift. It will always be admired and cherished by your friend. It will also save some money and is fun and simple. Follow some simple techniques for putting together a great gift basket for a birthday present.

Things Required:

– Basket
– Candles
– Bows
– Ribbons
– Coloured Paper
– Chocolates
– DVD’s
– Books
– Candies
– Birthday Card
– Colour Markers


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    The basic first step is to buy a basket. There are different sizes of baskets available in the market. You could search thrift stores, craft stores or garage sales. Go for a basket with a handle as it will be easy to carry it and the handle can also be decorated. The basket should be big if you have multiple goodies to put in it. Cover the base of the basket with colourful paper, grass and tissues. A colourful base gives an artistic effect.

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    Now fill the goodies in the basket. Choose the goodies according to what your friend likes. They could include chocolates, DVDs, coffee bottle, candies, books or candles. Different combination of things gives an interesting effect and raise some excitement. Do not forget to include a birthday card. You could buy the card from the local bookstore or make it yourself. You could make the card with coloured chart paper, stickers, coloured markers and stamps. To give a personalised effect, write a personal message inside the card. The card should also be signed. Place the card in the middle of the basket.

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    Little details like bows and ribbons make the basket very presentable and appealing to look at. If the basket has a handle, tie a ribbon or a bow around it. There are ready made bows available in stores or you could make one on your own as they are very simple. Chose bows with bold colours like red, bright orange, pink etc. Wrap the ribbon around the whole handle so that the base of the handle is not visible. Also, cover the goodies with a silver or golden coloured net. It reveals some of the goodies while covering them in a stylish way.

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    The last thing is the delivery of the basket. If the friend is throwing a party, you could take it along. If there isn’t a party, a good idea would be to get it delivered as he/she would be happily surprised.

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