How to Make a Paper Airplane Fly Far

The world of flying paper airplanes is a rather confusing one. This is because not many people see a future in the sport, but it is still considered to be one of the fastest growing in the world.

Paper airplane battles have started to break out all over the world, with numerous organizations hosting events to see just who is the greatest paper airplane pilot of all time.

Now these contests vary, and there are a number of things that you can make your planes do. However, getting the maximum distance of off your plane and making it fly far and fast is the ultimate goal of all paper plane enthusiasts.


  • 1

    Make wingspan bigger

    The best way to get your plane to fly on for a long distance is for you to increase the surface area of the wings on the plane.

    The bigger the surface area, the higher the chances that the plane will fly longer. This is because it will be able to resist more wind with its now bigger wingspan, helping it stay afloat and in the air for much longer then you would have hoped for.

    However, you need to remember that fast launching this sort of plane will cause it to break down almost instantaneously.

  • 2

    Add weight and fold wings

    Another tip to get your plane to fly for a longer distance, and for it to help maintain its stability is to add weight to the nose.

    Adding weight to the nose can be done via the usage of a paper clip, tape or some extra weight that you can place over there. This will help the plane stay on course, and not be subject to wind direction and pressure changes.

    Now folding the wings upwards may seem like it is not a very smart thing to do, but it will help your plane out quite a bit, as opposed to wings that are folded downwards. This is because it will help the plane float on, and prevent it from tipping backwards.

  • 3

    Practice launch

    The last thing you need to do, is to work on your paper plane launch. Not being able to release the plane properly will end up taking a lot away from your flight, and it will also never let your plane fly to its maximum potential. This is why practicing to launch the plane properly is very important.

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