How To Make a Relaxing Bath Soak

Making a relaxing bath soak is giving yourself a favour in times of stress. You will not only get a chance to relax sore muscles but you will also be able to get some mental peace. A relaxing bath soak can give you the relaxation you have been dying for. Making your own relaxing bath soak will save your hard earned dollars and at the same time give you an organic bath instead of chemical baths.


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    You will need to get some natural herbs to make the base for your relaxing bath. You can use mint, fresh lavender, chamomile, passion flower or peppermint for the bath. You can even mix them up to get an even better bath.

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    Make sure you get organic herbs to get the most of your bath. Chemically grown herbs will not give you the same feels as organic herbs. Pesticides sprayed on these plants can act as irritants to your skin.

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    Chop the herbs into small pieces and wash them thoroughly to get rid of any pesticide that might be there on the herbs.

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    Now, prepare your bath. Open the faucet and fill the tub with lukewarm water. You can use cold water as well but since lukewarm water relaxes muscles, it is best to go with this option. Also, heated water will allow the herbs to emit their natural fragrances and essence in the water.

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    Let the herbs be in the water for some time. Leave them there for at least 15 minutes. This way, you will allow the herbs to release their essence in the water.

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    Soak in the bath for at least 30 minutes. Make sure you do not use any soap or shampoo at this point. Let the herbs work their magic on you.

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    If you can, add some scented candles in the area to get an even better relaxing bath.

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    Use several herbs at a time to make the bath even more pleasing.

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