How to Make a Ribbon Candy Christmas Ornament

Christmas brings lots of gifts and sweets for children, along with great joy and happiness for people of all ages. Houses, ornaments and even food is decorated according to the theme of Christmas. You can find numerous decorative items in the market, specially designed for serving their purpose at Christmas. However, making your own decorative ornaments for Christmas is such a fun-filled activity that no one would want to miss out. You can make a beautiful Christmas ornament out of ribbon and it will look just like a hard candy.


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    You will need 1 ½ inch wide ribbon for making this ornament. You can choose any colour of the ribbon you like, however, since you are making the ornament for Christmas, you better choose red ribbon. Measure and cut 20 inch long strips of ribbon for making each ornament.

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    Cut 20-inch pieces of the fishing line for every ornament you have to make. You can also use metallic thread instead of fishing line as well and thread it through a needle.

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    Carefully fold about ½ inch of the ribbon at one end and keep it pressing with your fingers or use pinking shears to cut off the end of the ribbon. Now carefully fold the ribbon back and forward over itself, making an accordion, and hold it between your thumb and the index finger. Don’t let it lose otherwise you have to repeat the process again to make the folds.

  • 4

    Take the needle with fishing line thread into it and push it through the centre of the folded ribbon. Start from the bottom fold and keep driving the needle towards the top. Let about 3 inches of the thread at the bottom fold of the ribbon. Tie a knot at the end of the thread so that it might not get pulled through the ribbon completely.

  • 5

    You have to make a hanger at the top of the ornament. Make a loop out of the ribbon at the top and this shall serve as the hanger of the ornament.

  • 6

    Measuring about ¼ inch from the initial hole you have made, push the needle back into the top of the ribbon and then back down. Once you reach the bottom, tie the both ends of the thread together.

  • 7

    The curves of the ribbon need to be rounded and you can use your fingers to make them look like that.

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