How to Make a Salt Scrub For Your Legs

Salt scrubs are great exfoliators for legs, and remove dirt, dead skin, and impurities to leave them feeling soft and smooth. The natural graininess of salt, mixed with nourishing oils and a pleasing fragrance makes for a great spa experience at home, minus the expense, and can leave you feeling relaxed and beautiful. Set aside a day to give yourself a luxurious and pampering spa experience, or use the salt scrub in the shower for a quicker but equally effective treatment.

Things Required:

– An attractive container with a lid
– Salt (Sea salt, Kosher salt, epsom salts, table salt)
– Carrier oil, such as sweet almond or olive oil
– Essential oils of choice


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    Start by selecting a pretty container in which you will be keeping your salt scrub. Mason jars can look attractive, but if you plan to keep it in the bathroom on a shower rack, you might consider using a plastic jar, which won’t break if it happens to slip off the rack and fall onto the floor. Whichever type of container you choose to use, just make sure it has a lid or cap.

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    Now, begin by filling the jar up to 3/4 of the way with salt. The type of salt you use will determine the strength of the scrub. Regular table salt is fine in texture, and will result in a mild and gentle exfoliating scrub for your legs. Sea salt is coarser in texture as it has bigger crystals, and any salt scrub made with this will be a more heavy-duty exfoliator, resembling the texture of the scrubs used in spas.

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    Next, start pouring in the carrier oil – this can be any oil you choose, such as sweet almond or olive oil. Start drizzling the oil in, pouring in small quantities at first. Keep pouring it in and stirring until the scrub reaches the consistency you desire. Add more if you want the scrub to be heavily moisturising (this will resemble a thick paste), but if you already have greasy skin, add less oil (this scrub will have the consistency of damp, oily sand).

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    Once the mixture reaches the consistency you like, add in a couple of drops of your preferred essential oils, to give the scrub a pleasing scent. You can also mix and match oils – mix scents like vanilla and hazelnut together, etc. However, use pure, natural methods of adding scent – do not add in harsh, chemical fragrances.

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    Your salt scrub for your legs is now ready for use. Make sure you don’t use it on broken skin, or near any nicks or cuts as these will get irritated and red. Once you are done using the scrub on your legs, make sure you rinse it all off thoroughly, and shower well after you are done.

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