How to Make a Seagram’s 7 and 7-UP Cocktail

Quite a popular drink which has been mentioned in many movies and has an entire song to itself by a California based band, the Release. The song was named ‘ Seven & Seven’ and is about the band members’ experiences with this cocktail. With ingredients as simple as whiskey and seven up, this drink is magical with the tongue. Seven and Seven also gets a mention in the famous shoe “community” where in season 2 episode 10, Troy, a character, orders his first ever legal drink and that is none other our very own Seven and Seven. So grab a glass, some whiskey and 7-up and you might just end writing a poem or a song about this illustrious drink. Follow our step by step guide to make a Seven and Seven up cocktail that is going to make people anxiously wait for your next party.

Time Required: Can be prepared in two minutes (if you are short of time and do not have any help, invite the guests to make their own)
Serving size: 01 person ( Increase the number of glasses for more servings)
Utensils: Highball Cocktail glass,


– 3 oz  Seagram’s Seven Clown Whiskey
–  3 oz seven up
– Crushed ice or ice cubes as required for chilling
– Lemon wedge or skin peel for garnishing


  • 1

    Chill up your highball cocktail glass in the refrigerator because cocktail tastes best this way. Remove when the sides appear frosted.

  • 2

    Pour in Seagram's Seven Clown whiskey into the glass, followed by the seven up. The soda is going to mix the liqueur down and give you a deathly combination of a greatly revitalizing drink.

  • 3

    Use the lemon wedge for garnishing. Go with the conventional way of putting a cut in the wedge and sticking it to the glass rims. If you decide to be innovative, peel lemon skin in twirls and let it swim in the drink. It is going to give off an alluring sight.

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