How to Make a Snap Front Plus Size Cobbler Apron

Snap Front Cobbler apron is a kind of apron that wraps both front and back sides of the body. It has fastening straps that are tied by wearers to keep the apron intact with their bodies. These aprons are not only used during certain professional jobs but are also used while performing many household chores like cooking, dishwashing and gardening.

The good part is that one can make a Snap Front Cobbler Apron at home without much effort or cost, especially if you’re looking for a plus size which is not easily available in market. If you have a piece of fabric, sewing apparatus and a pair of scissors then you can make your Snap Front Plus Size Cobbler Apron within a matter of minutes.


  • 1

    Grab a piece of fabric, most preferably of 44 inch width and 45 inch length.

  • 2

    Cut the fabric in half to get two pieces of cloth which are 1.25 yard long and 22 inch wide. Now reduce each piece to 1 yard in length. Pin the pieces together and then cut out 8 inch circle for neck hole.

  • 3

    Sew the cobbler apron and sew the shoulder at the line where both pieces of fabric are held together.

  • 4

    Fold over and press one side of the 1/4th or .25 yard long piece of apron by 1/4th of an inch. Now sew it. Repeat, and then pin this piece to the un-sewen edge of the long piece with the right side providing the space for front pocket.

  • 5

    Fold 1/4th of an inch of the fabric for all sides of the apron and press. Now stitch it. Fold 1/4th of an inch around the neck and press. Now stitch it.

  • 6

    Outline the pockets. If you want 2 pockets mark a large pocket in the middle and sew a line in between to divide the 2 pockets.

  • 7

    Add the flaps on the side of the apron. Now wear your apron and mark out the waist on the garment. Now cut two pieces of the left over cloth to make the side tabs. Fold 1 of them and stitch along 1 short end and then the longer end. Now turn right side outward and press it. Buckle the institched end into the tab and press and then stitch it. Repeat the same process with the other piece of the left over cloth.

  • 8

    Now attach one end of the snap towards the back of the cobbler apron at the waist. Now stitch half a snap to the other end. Now stitch the other / remaining half of the snap to the front of your apron at the waist. Your cobbler apron is ready to go!

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