How to Make a Van Wheelchair Accessible

It is extremely important to help disabled people get from one place to another while also maintaining their dignity and independence. If you are a disabled person, you will be glad to know that you can easily get to your favourites destinations by owning and using a wheelchair accessible van. Your mobility as well as the quality of life can increase significantly by following a few simple instructions. Wheelchair accessible vans are equipped with advanced features including lifts, hand controls and custom steering to meet your needs.

Things Required:

– Drop-floor minivan
– Wheelchair vehicle ramp
– Drill
– Eye-hooks
– Tie-down kit
– Tie-down tracks


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    Firstly, consider installing a lowering and an electric lifting system. Some vans are equipped with lifts that can be lowered completely to the ground so you can get onto them without any problem. These lifts are extremely powerful and they are designed to lift the disabled person up and into the van gently. You can manually operate these lifts to suit your needs. Typically, an auto dealer is the person who can help with this. For more information, consider navigating to the National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association website. On the website, find the link that will show the list of specialised dealers. Call multiple dealers to find the best deal for yourself.

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    Next, you will have to measure the length and width of the van driver’s door. In your measurement, do not forget to include the gradual decline from the van door to the ground. You may also want it to have a solid sloping incline. This will help you avoid slipping as you enter the van.

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    Do not forget to take the extension of your door width into consideration. Consider finding an auto professional to help you solve this problem. Most vans come with a sliding door but if you want you can replace that with two separate doors. Having two entry doors will provide with wide accessible entry.

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    For installing other handicap accessibility tools, it is recommended to take your van to the nearest certified National Mobility Equipment Dealer Association dealer. Handicap tools other than the wheelchair are costly and you must do your research before paying the dealer.

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