How To Make After-Shower Body Oil

Scrubbing your body with soap while taking a show leaves your skin dry, especially in winters for people who have natural dry skin. It is very important to keep your body moisturised after take a bath or a shower, and you can do that by applying baby oil onto your body or any oil to keep your skin smooth and prevent dryness. Body oils have many properties, and the most beneficial one is that it eases your senses and you feel relaxed after a good steamy shower.

You can always improvise, and make your own body oil and add fragrances that you like the most. You can make your own after shower body oil by using essential oils. Essential oils have many benefits and other than moisturising your skin, it absorbs in your body by taking 30 minutes approximately and it can positively affect your nervous system.


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    Add all your favourite essential oils in one bottle, and for stress relieving oils, add 20 drops of lavender essential oil and 10 drops of sandalwood essential oil into the bottle. Now, after adding everything set the bottle aside for two days so the ingredients sit well with each other. Do not forget to shake the bottle frequently over the next two days, so everything mixes up well.

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    You can be a little adventurous, add a few of your own favourite oils, but sweet almond oil can keep everything together and adding two ounces of it will be sufficient for your bottled after shower body oil.

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    Now, comes the part where you will add one ounce of jojoba oil to the oil mixture, and then shake the bottle once more to add all the oils and make it into one mix. The addition of sweet almond oil and the jojoba oil will help dilute the essential oils. It will be helpful if you use undiluted essential oils, because undiluted essential oils can have an adverse affect onto your skin, for example you can develop skin rashes.

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    After taking a shower, do not dry up your body with a towel. Keep your skin damp, and then apply the after shower body oil you made for your skin. Just throw it on your skin, massage it onto your skin so that it absorbs in your body. Use a circular motion to massage your skin. Gently use the towel and pat your skin to absorb excessive moisture.

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