How to Make an Apron from Old Jeans

You can do exciting things with that old pair of jeans which is lying in the corner of your wardrobe and taking precious space. One of those things is to use it to make an apron out it. Do not be apprehensive of the stitching and cutting involved because they are of a very basic level. In a day you are going to have a solid material apron which will help you remain clean in the kitchen and garden. Follow our step by step guide and get working on something real fun.

Things you need:

–  A pair of jeans
– Scissors
–  Sewing Machine (alternatively use thread and needle)
– Twirl
–  Scrap fabric for pockets


  • 1

    Pick up an old pair of jeans you no longer wear. Look for a pair that has loose/wide legs because that is the part you are going to use for your apron.

  • 2

    Spread out you jeans on a flat surface.  Start cutting from the crotch to the end of any one leg. Open up this leg along the seam. This the part you are going to use to make your apron. You can use the rest to make more aprons.

  • 3

    Stand up and hold the leg to yourself. Decide the length that you want. Cut off the excess. Leave some extra cloth for sewing.

  • 4

    Fold the fabric in half and cut the upper half in a way that the top of your apron (covering your chest) is narrower then the bottom half. The bottom half should be in a curve as shown in the picture. Now sew up the two sides with a bright thread like red or orange.  Fold the extra edges and sew over them. On the upper seam leave a small gap for your seams and sew it up.

  • 5

    Use a twirl of old fabrics, a belt or ribbons for the tie long enough to go around your waist. Place a pin in front of the twirl and thread it through the top casing of your seam.  Pull the seam and tie big knots on the ends so that it wont slip through. Do the same for your neck. Attach seams on both sides of your shoulder and tie them up behind your neck

  • 6

    Your apron is ready with an adjustable seam. Add pockets by using old colorful fabric. Use bright fabric scrapes to cut out flowers and fancy shapes to stick to your apron.

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