How to Make an Employee Work Schedule

Making an employee work schedule is a challenging task, since the schedule has to be flexible to fit the needs of your business and also welfare of the employees. In modern days of technology and automation driven business, employees work round-the-clock. However, they have to fit in slots or shifts, so that their health and well-being is not compromised while you meet daily targets in your business, especially if you are running a a production-based or manufacturing business. It might require you to honour certain commitments.


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    Be Aware of Workers Laws

    You should be aware of workers or labour laws of the country you are going to establish or running your business in. If you think the rules and regulations are too complicated to understand, you can seek services of a qualified lawyer, who is expert on the subject and discuss your plan.

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    Determine Employees

    Next step for you is to determine the number of employees you will need to operate and oversee the business. The number can vary depending on the scale and scope of your business and the level of automation you are going to introduce in your business. More automation will require less human hands and you can thus run and manage your business with fewer than generally required workers.

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    Determine Timings

    Determine the timings of the employees you are going to require at a time. If you want to operate your business for 24 hours, you will need to decide how many shifts you want to have. If you plan a six-hour shift, you can divide 24 hours into four shifts and if three, you can divide 24 hours into three shifts of eight hours each.

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    Have Written Schedule

    Whatever timings you decide or how many employees you will need at a time, you should have it in written as a document. It is likely that you will need to submit that plan to relevant department or ministry, as a mandatory requirement for your business. Also, if you have hired a professional lawyer for the purpose you can discuss all legal requirements with them.

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    Consider Holidays/Off Days

    Give a due consideration to national or bank holidays of the country. Also consider alternatives if an employee takes an off because of any emergency, and what sort of compensation you will offer to the staff, who will be requested to cover for the shift.

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