How To Make Bacon Bath Salts

Bath salts have many benefits other than smelling great and looking beautiful, and the far-reaching benefits will show once you start using bath salts. Bath salts are used to make the skin soft and supple, and if used in their pure form they contain nutrients and beneficial minerals. It also improves your skin’s radiance, tone and texture. You can also make bath salts at home, and you can use them for yourself or they also serve as low-cost gifts to loved ones.

It can also be fun to make bath salts at home, because you can use your favourite fragrances, favoured essential oils and herbs. Meat eaters in the family can make up bath salts, but they contain fat and should be used within a short period of time.


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    Get four strips of salt pork, and heat them in the microwave on a plate. Keep the salt pork strips in the microwave for at least one minute – each strip – so that the grease comes out of it. Collect the grease and pour it in a bowl through a sieve, and let it cool down for a bit. The sieve is an essential, because it will catch pieces of bacon in the grease, and give you clean fat in the bowl.

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    To make the grease reminiscent of bacon, mix five drops of liquid smoke into the grease, and it will add a smoky flavour to the pork. Now you add up salts, and you begin by adding the Epsom salts. Fill the jar half-way, which should be about one cup of salt, and then pour one and a half cup of Borax on top of the Epsom salt. Borax is used as an anti caking ingredient, and it is also a powdered soap.

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    Now, comes the part where you get to use the grease. Pour the grease on top of the salts that are in the jar, and once the grease is on top of the salts, add up half a cup of Epsom salts once more on top of the grease. So, at the bottom of the jar you have Epsom salt, Borax on top of it, then grease and then half-cup of Epsom salt. Time to mix everything together, and for that you need to place the lid on the jar and shake it, and if the salts are too greasy, then you need to add more salt.

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