How To Make Black Tattoo Ink

It has been over 5000 years since ink was first originated in China. Through history, ink has served many purposes such as writing, artwork and tattooing.

These days, synthetic colours are being used but when it originated, ink got its colour from various flowers, soot and coloured minerals.

If you like drawing tattoos, why purchase the tattoo ink from the market. You can make it yourself at home. Luckily, it is very easy to make tattoo ink and takes no more than an hour to complete the process.


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    Light a kerosene lamp with a lighter. Allow the flame to become stable by waiting for a few minutes before proceeding ahead to the next step.

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    Now you need to gather lots of soot on a piece of sheet metal. Place the metal sheet above the kerosene lamp flame. Adjust it so the distance between the flame and the sheet should not be more than 3/4 of an inch. Allow soot from the lamp flame to collect on the metal sheet for about 30 minutes. To keep the lamp flame stable, you need to adjust the lamp wick periodically.

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    Put out the flame and set aside the kerosene lamp. Give some time to the sheet to cool down.

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    Now you need to scrape off soot from the metal sheet into a bowl. After you have scrapped off all the soot, measure its amount. Boil a cup full of tap water and set it aside.

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    Place equal parts of rubbing alcohol in a bowl and let the soot liquefy. To speed up the process and to completely dissolve the soot in rubbing alcohol, blend the contents of the bowl using an electric blender. When the contents are completely mixed, add equal parts of boiling water and blend again until the mixture attains ink-like consistency.

    In case you want to make the ink thinner, add some water and in case you want to make it thicker, add more soot.

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    Take a 1 ounce plastic bottle and place two small ball bearings in it. Fill the plastic bottle with ink. You have your first bottle of black tattoo ink ready.

    When you use it in the future, shake the bottle before use until you can hear rattling sound of the ball bearings.

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