How to Make Camera Flash Accessories

Lighting certainly most affects the photographs you take from your camera. Professional photographers are very concerned about the right amount and angle of light on the object they want to focus. Different flash accessories are available in the market, which will diverse effects to the photographs you take. However, you can make such accessories out of cheap material by yourself. These homemade accessories will cost you almost nothing but you can gain huge benefits from them while exhibiting your photography skills.

Things Required:

– Camera
– Marking pen
– White craft foam
– Scissors
– 2-gallon plastic milk carton
– Business card
– Elastic or masking tape


  • 1

    Making Flash Ring

    A 2-gallon empty milk carton can be turned into an effective flash ring for photography. These flash rings actually throw strong light rings onto the object in front of your camera and it is considered best for taking portrait shots. Start making the flash ring by cutting the bottom off the milk carton.

  • 2

    Put the carton on a flat surface and place your camera lens top of it in such a manner that only half of it touches the milk carton while the other half does not.

  • 3

    Take a marking pen and draw a semi-circle around the camera lens onto the milk carton. This will mark the part of the lens which touched the carton.

  • 4

    Use scissors to cut out the semi-circle and fit it around your camera lens in a way that the top half of the plastic covers the flash light.

  • 5

    Making Flash Bouncer

    A flash bouncer doesn’t allow light to hit your object directly but it redirects it to fall upon different parts of the object. You can use a simple business card to make a flash bouncer.

  • 6

    Place the card at a 45-degree angle to flash of your camera on the top. Mostly, there is a tiny slot in vertical flashes and you can insert the business card into it. You can also affix the card with tape.

  • 7

    Making Flash Diffuser

    A flash diffuser spreads out the light coming out of the flash and reduces the harsh effects of light radiating from one point. You will just need craft foam to create a cheap flash diffuser.

  • 8

    Cut a square out of white craft foam with enough size to cover up the camera flash. Wrap up the foam around the flash.

  • 9

    Use a masking tape or a rubber band to fasten the foam piece to the flash light.

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