How to Make Cheeks Pop

If you are tired of focusing on your complexion and glow after giving attention to your eyes and lips, you can divert your focus towards cheeks. In order to get the ideal flushed cheeks, you need to apply the appropriate makeup. By following proper instructions you can not only make your cheeks flushed naturally but also give it a higher and angular look.

Things Required:

– Foundation, concealer and camouflage best suited to your skin tone
– Flesh tone blush
– Fluffy blush brush
– Makeup sponge
– Angled blush brush
– Bronzer
– Pure pink blush
– Highlighter


  • 1

    Look like your self

    You need to get and use concealer, foundation and camouflage which match your skin tone. Remember to make sure that there are no streaks of demarcation on the skin. This is because your skin tone is the most important part in order to make cheeks pop. In short you need to look like yourself.

  • 2

    Apply flesh tone brush

    Next you need to apply a flesh tone blush on your cheeks by using a fluffy blush brush. Remember to use a flesh tone blush which is slightly brighter than your skin tone. You need to make the centre of the colour more prominent. However, the outlines should not be visible if you want a more natural look. You can apply a makeup sponge in or to remove any edges.

  • 3

    Apply bronzer

    You need to apply bronzer underneath the apples of your cheeks. Remember to choose a shade which is deeper than the flesh tone blush. Use an angled brush in order to apply bronzer. You should start from the end near your ear in order to apply more towards the hairline.

  • 4

    Pink blush

    Even if you do not use pink, you need to apply vibrant pink blush on your cheeks. Use a fluffy brush to apply the pink blush. Dip the brush in the blush and apply it on the apples of your cheeks. You need to adjust the intensity of the blush according to your complexion.

  • 5

    Apply highlighter on cheekbones

    Use a highlighter on the top of your cheekbones. In case you have fair complexion you can use silvery shade. On the other hand if you have a darker complexion then you can apply flesh or gold shade highlighters. Use a clean makeup sponge to blend away any hard edges.

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