How to Make Cool Bike Ramps at Home

Riding a bicycle might be fun but the real thrill comes when you perform some mind blowing stunts. Most of the bike stunts are performed suspended in air and for catching such air to execute those moves, you need a ramp. If you are a rookie, you might feel hesitated to go a skate park and perform bike tricks on the ramps made there. It is better to make ramps at your home and keep practicing your stunts until you get expert in them to show to others.


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    You can either make a dirt ramp in your backyard or go out for constructing a wooden ramp. Both types of ramps will be effective for you to practice your moves but the only difference will lie within the grip of the surface and acceleration your bike will generate on hitting the ramp after your jump. Wooden ramps are normally faster and it is better for you to start with dirt ramps, which are a bit slower and you are less subjected to get injured. However, wooden ramps are easier to make and you can make necessary modification to them from time to time according to your need.

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    First of all, determine the space for making the ramp. You should have ample space to get acceleration on the bike, take a decent leap and then enough area to stop the bike after hitting the jump. If you intend to make an entire circuit, you will need even more space for it. Keep in mind that you will require to have more space for accelerating than stopping.

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    You will need firewood for making the cool ramp. Select the required quantity of firewood according to the size and make three piles out of them, starting from the smallest to the greatest thickness.

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    Now carefully arrange the firewood piles so that their width becomes equal to the width of the ramp you are making. This time, the piles should move from the greatest to the least thickness.

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    Take the sheet of plywood, with the width you want for your ramp and place it on top of the firewood. The increasing height of the piles will make the plywood curl upwards.

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    Conclude your job by nailing the plywood with firewood. You have to use several nails for firmly joining the two pieces together and to add strength to it. Your quick ramp is ready to use and you can get ample air to perform some stunts.

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