How to Make Cupid Poop Gag Valentines

As we all know, valentine’s day is around the corner. This means that love will be in the air for another day. Not that it isn’t in the air the rest of the year, it’s just that it will be more apparent on the fourteenth of February.

Now most people will express their undying love by offering people cards flowers and chocolate.

However, these are some of the most unoriginal ideas with which to celebrate valentine’s day. Instead, a better idea is to go on and create a novelty item. This will not only get your message across, but it will also not make you look like another one of the millions of people who are celebrating the day rather unoriginally.

One of the best ways to celebrate the day is to create a cupid poop bag. Now despite the name sounding rather disturbing, it is actually a round bag filled with candy, since we assume that cupids poop candy. On the whole the idea seems rather funny and is bound to win anyone over.


  • 1

    Get bags and fill

    The first step is to get bags and fill them with candy. Ideally you should get brown bags and fill them with chocolate, just to go with the whole idea of the poop theme that you have going. However, you may also use colored candies, since we are dealing with cupids, and no one is quite sure what their byproducts would be colored as.

  • 2

    Seal bag

    The next thing you need to do is to seal the bag. Use a ribbon to do so, but preferably a red ribbon. This will help people keep in mind that you are going with the valentine’s day theme and not confuse your gift as anything else at all.

  • 3

    Make personalized notes

    Now the best thing to do, is to attach personalized notes to the ribbons that you have used to close each poop bag. On these notes, you need to mention how you didn’t want to be like everyone else, so you ended up getting cupid poop instead. Which is not only rare to find, but no one else has ever seen it.

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    After having done all the steps, you need to go on and distribute the cupid poop bags to everyone who you want to hand cupid poop to. You could either do this on a large scale, or save it for some very special people.

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