How to Make DVD Slide Show with a Digital Camera

A number of rookie photographers can take amazing pictures to share with family and friends, with the help of the technologically advanced digital cameras. These are very easy to use compared to the old generation cameras. Recent advances in software and programming have made it much comfortable for even the remotest user to make professional seeming videos and slide shows. There are several effective ways to create a DVD slide show with the help of a digital camera.


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    Get the pictures

    Transfer the pictures that you have photographed and want to include in the DVD slide show from your digital camera. To make things simpler, it is recommended to save them in one folder for easy access while making the slide show. On the other hand, if your digital camera has a secure digital (SD) card, your computer has the feature of a multi-card reader and all of the pictures you need for the slide show are on the SD card, you can just copy and paste them from the memory card in the reader.

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    Use good software to convert the files

    Start the Windows Movie Maker software by clicking on the Start button. Then All Programs and lastly on the Windows Movie Maker sign. Copy the pictures that you need for the DVD slide show. You can carry out this action by the help of Windows Movie Maker Task option. Then click on the Pictures link in the Import section. Choose the folder where you stored the pictures from the digital camera.

    For example, you can save pictures from your football match to a folder named Slide Show. Select the images you want to include in the slide show, and click on the Import button after that. You also have the option of group import. This can be done by clicking on one picture, and then clicking on others you want while holding the Control key. When you have chosen all desired pictures, click on the Import button.

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    Edit images to make them more colourful

    Transfer the pictures from the Storyboard section of the Movie Maker window. Select the files you need for the slide show from the Clip Name section, then click on the Clip option and choose Add to Storyboard. Moreover, go to the Tools menu and choose Effects tab. Now you can change the image resolution and colours and make the pictures as you want to show in the slide show.

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