How To Make Eyes Look Less Puffy

Eyes are the most attractive feature on a person’s face. Swollen eyes make you appear exhausted and drained. There are various factors which cause this condition: stress, fluid accumulation, sleep deprivation, hormonal changes etc. The foremost thing is to drink water regularly so that your body always remains hydrated and also try to avoid salty foods as sodium causes puffiness. if you are annoyed with the bags around your eyes, read below to find other solutions to retain the beauty of your eyes.


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    One of the easiest home remedies is to put cooled tea bags or slices of cucumber on your eyes. Let them stay there for some time; this will help in reducing the swelling.

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    Keep your sleeping routine balanced. Lack of sleep affects your eyes and it shows that you are fatigued. Your sleeping position also contributes to this. So sleep with your head raised a little. Either put an extra pillow or incline the bed head. This way you will avoid fluids settling around your eyes.

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    Another easy home remedy is using potatoes and basil tea. Cut a raw potato into pieces, they should be very small. Mix them together. Take the juice out of them and keep the pulp. Mix a cup of basil tea with the potatoes. Let the mixture cool down and freeze it. Wipe the frozen mixture on your eyes. After this wash with water and dry gently.

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    A simple cutlery item like a spoon can give you benefit too. Take a round spoon and put it in the fridge to cool. Take out the cold spoon and put the rounded side to your eyes for 2-3 minutes.

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    Use ice cubes or cold water. Dip a soft cloth in it, and put the cool cloth on your eyes. Gently massage your eyes with it. As the cloth starts to feel warmer, dip it again. Continue this activity 3-5 times or till you see a difference.

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    Take an egg white and beat it stiffly. Now put a drop of witch hazel in it. Apply it on the puffy area with a soft brush. It makes the skin look tighter and make them less swollen.

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    Strawberry has been used a lot in Chinese remedies. So use strawberry jam for your eyes. Mix the jam or puree with some water. It will get rid of fluid accumulation and is also good for health.

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    Vaseline cream may sound a strange solution but it really works. Apply it on the puffy area before sleeping. Use it cautiously so that it doesn't go into your eyes.
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