How to Make Friends in a New Place

Having friends by your side is absolutely necessary in life. Humans are social animals; they want to socialize and share their feelings and emotions with another. In order to do that, they need friends. These friends can share their problems, their emotions and even the happy/sad events in life. Eventually, you need friends to stand by you. However, you must avoid bad company. As they say, a man is known by the company he keeps.

Making friends at a new place is not a difficult thing to do. You just need to share your interest with others and the people who share the same thoughts will eventually start hanging out with you, and become your friends.


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    If you are at a new place and you don’t know how to start off by making friends, then just wait for a while. If you are shy enough to make an approach towards someone, there is always a possibility that others will come to you. You are free to judge everyone you don’t know. Simply look around and see the types of people you think you can become friends with. Sooner or later, you’ll see how you have at least one person by your side.

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    If you think you are good at a certain sport, go to a place where you can play it. If you see that there are other people who are playing the same sport, simply ask if you can join them. Mostly, people will offer you a place in their team or would want you to wait for your turn. Wait for as long as they want you to, and start playing it with them. Eventually your will start new friendships.

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    Make others understand what your likes and dislikes are. Be nice and talk to everyone in a polite manner. People always love those people who give them respect. Offer them your respect and they will offer it back. Share your thoughts and interest and see what they have to say about it. If you think that your point of view is different from someone, it does not necessarily mean that you two can’t be friends. There is a famous quote: opposite attracts. There is a high possibility that your weaknesses are the other person’s strengths and you can help him/her and he/she can help you with certain things.

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