How to Make Homemade Valentine’s Candy

Occasions are never considered complete without sweets because candies sweets and chocolates have the tendency to make any precious and lovable moment, like Valentine’s Day extraordinarily special. There are several ways to surprise your friends and family whose presence in your life means a lot to you, but if you put some extra effort in your Valentine surprise then there is no way you can miss the opportunity to proof your dear ones that how special they are for  you. Homemade items are always admired because they can easily portray the love care and affection you have in your heart for others. So on this Valentine’ day if you intend to surprise your family friends or someone else who is really close to your heart then follow the procedure of homemade Valentine’s day candies and see the magic, on this occasion of love.

Serving Size: 4 to 5 Servings
Preparation Time: 10 hours(2 hours making of candies and 8 hours drying time)

2 tablespoon of unflavored gelatin
1/2 cup water
2 tablespoon light corn syrup
2 lbs powdered sugar, plus additional for dusting
Assorted flavoring extracts, quantity and flavor according to your choice
Few drops of assorted food colors depending upon your choice
Flowers and heart-shaped cutters of different sizes


  • 1

    After gathering all the ingredients take a bowl of 1/2 cup water, pour light corn syrup, unflavored gelatin and few drops of assorted flavoring extracts.

  • 2

    Take a microwave proof dish, pour the liquid mixture in it and microwave it for 30 seconds.

  • 3

    Use an electric beater which has a paddle attached to it for the purpose of mixing. Pour the gelatin mixture in a large bowl and add 1 cup of sugar. Do not add the entire amount of sugar at once. Turn the beater on and let the ingredients combine with each other.

  • 4

    When the previous ratio of sugar added in the bowl is incorporated, then again add another cup of sugar.

  • 5

    Keep on repeating the procedure until the entire ratio of sugar is mixed. Make sure you pause in between so that the sugar is mixed in properly.

  • 6

    When you are done with the mixing procedure, take a spatula and assemble the material which is on the sides of the bowl.

  • 7

    Now the time comes when you will have to knead the stiff dough. Clear the counter and sprinkle some amount of sugar. Assemble the dough and place it on the counter so that you can start the process of kneading. Keep in mind that the dough will be sticky in the beginning, but when you will sprinkle some sugar it will be easy for you to handle it.

  • 8

    Keep on kneading until it gets smooth instead of sticky.

  • 9

    Take small portion of dough, form it into a bowl shape. Add few drops of color on it. It is Valentine’s Day so try using red or pink color, but if you are preparing these candies for your children then you can use different colors.

  • 10

    Fold and knead the dough as you did earlier, in order to mix the color properly.

  • 11

    Repeat the similar process by adding different colors.

  • 12

    Again dust some powdered sugar and with the help of a pin roller, roll out the prepared candy dough. Make sure the thickness of the dough is 1/5 inches.

  • 13

    Now comes the interesting part in which you can also take help from your children, take heart and flower shaped cutters of different size and start cutting the shapes.

  • 14

    Repeat the procedure until you have desired amount of hearts.

  • 15

    Place the prepared heart shapes on a tray and let them dry for 1 whole night. Their texture gets harder with time.

  • 16

    When the heart candies are dried place them in a beautiful bowl. You can also store them in an air tight container.

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