How to Make Money Selling Your Art on eBay

To sell something you produce, it is always conducive to target a large audience, and for someone like an artist, who wants their work publicised on a larger scale need something like eBay, where the best way to attract buyers is to have a simple strategy of attracting immense viewing. This is the best form of self-promotion, and this way you are bound to make huge sales, because at eBay people are willing to buy at a price they are willing to pay. It is not guaranteed that you will be an instant hit on eBay, but it will take time, and patience is definitely required. Meanwhile, you can promote yourself by creating a website that showcases your work, and it will also help if you can get art shows in your community or you can always join an art organisation.


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    Other than users, who are regular on eBay, you need people to go to your eBay auction page as well, so you can attract maximum viewers. For this to happen, you need to put up a website of your own, displaying your current work that can link viewers to your eBay auction page.

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    Get yourself business cards. There are companies out there who offer no-fee or very cheap business cards. You can hand them over within your community, and by this, you can tell friends and acquaintances that you are selling your work on eBay. You can always leave your cards at restaurants and cafes.

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    The eBay Art Selling Guide can help you a lot by getting viewers to your auction page. The usage of keywords is very important because they keywords will ensure that people who are looking for your work will end up straight to your page.

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    Review the profiles of people who are selling their art on eBay and look at the prices that they have slapped on their work. This will give you a general idea of pricing your work. Price your items reasonably, but when you make sales and get positive feedback, then you can raise your prices.

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    Learn how to make the market work for you, and that way you will make better sales. For that, you will need to create an eBay store, where you can also put several other items to sale. This will attract more viewers, and along with other stuff you will create a market for your art work as well.

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