How to Make Valentine’s Day Hair Bows

Valentine’s Day is the most widely celebrated days and occasions in association with the ones which are a source of importance in our life and are loved by us. On these days, people duly exchange a lot of items of gifts and different gestures of goodwill, and are considered vital for the importance of the day. This day is widely anticipated and people wait for the moments to come and en-grip there life of love. A bow is often considered as a vital part of the dress that one wears in order to dress up for the occasion. Hair in the form of a bow is often selected by the girls as their hair style for the occasion and making it does not require much skill. Many girls prefer to get this sort of hairstyle by the parlours these days, but in reality, this costs a lot of money. The task is a simple one and can also be done at home, if the right instructions are followed. A good amount of money can be saved by doing this and it can be used in purchasing the gift for your lover. The following instructions will guide you through the process of getting a bow out of your own hair and it is not a prospect on which you should be willing to waste money in the parlours, when you have the abilities and the instructions to get them made all by you.


  • 1

    The first thing required for making a bow out of your hair is a clean and smooth hair. For this you have to brush your hair so that any tangles and snags are removed.

  • 2

    After doing this, you will be required to pull your hair back in a ponytail. For this create a long loop and leave the end of the hair loose. Now get elastic and tuck the long loop into the elastic so that the loop stays in place.

  • 3

    Now divide the looped hair into two.  These two parts must be in equal proportions and will form two sides of the bow.

  • 4

    After this, create the middle piece of the bow. Get some hair from the back of your head and tie them over the bow. The tying should take place right in the centre of the bow.

  • 5

    Doing this, now use a teasing comb to fluff out the bow. Apply some spray so that the bow gets a shine and doing this, your hair bow is ready.

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