How To Make Wall Art at Home

Everyone knows that art can be quite costly when you are planning to decorate your house or apartment. Most of us are unable to afford lavish works of art for our walls. There are many simple and effective ways of making your own wall art that not only projects your artistic style but is cost effective as well. You can use easy to find natural elements like leaves, branches and others to tastefully decorate your walls and create an expensive artistic look. Most wall art projects done at home are very simple and do not take much time. Covering your bedroom, kitchen or living room walls with wall art made at home can be a fun project that you can enjoy throughout the year.


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    Make Sure you have the Proper Tools:

    Before starting any project it is imperative that you have all the proper tools. To make wall art at home it is a good idea to have all the basic tools like a hammer, cutting knives and simple fasteners like nails and tacks. Also, having various glues will come in handy while making your own wall art.

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    Use Natural Elements:

    Natural Elements like tree branches and leaves are a good way to create exciting wall art. Delicate frames and large sized murals can be easily put together to create sense of space to cover your walls. By using large branches you will get a rustic look that can add a sense of nature inside your home. Natural elements like flowers, leaves and others are simple to find and are easy to put together in any way that you find pleasant.

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    Create Simple Textile Panels:

    Textile panels are a great way to cover large walls and spaces. Carefully selecting various textiles that are aesthetically pleasing can be done at any decent cloth store. Make a simple wooden square frame which you can easily stretch the textiles across and fasten with staples or tacks. These panels can be mixed and matched depending on their styles and sizes.

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    Old Maps and Advertising Signs:

    You can usually find old advertising signs and maps from various garage or estate sales. These types of things can also be found a thrift stores for reasonable prices. Using elements like old advertising signs and maps can create a retro look to your home or apartment. The key is to maintain the objects original feel while updating the presentation. Framing these old items can create some excellent wall art for you to enjoy.

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    Explore Estate and Yard Sales in your Area:

    Depending on where you live, there are usually yard or estate sales happening during the weekends. You will be surprised at all the interesting wall art elements like old posters and murals that you can find at a relatively low cost. You might even find whole parts of wall art that you can easily fix or modify to suit your own unique artistic style.

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