How to Make Your Eyebrows Look Thicker

Eyebrows are among the main facial features and the very first thing that people around you notice. Therefore, thick and gorgeous eyebrows play a vital role in grabbing attention of others. However, we cannot ignore this fact that eyebrows become thinner with the passage of time. Excessive waxing, plucking, threading, and trimming are the root causes of thinning eyebrows. Moreover, you end up making your eyebrows thinner than they intended to be.

Now, if you have natural thin eyebrows or have over-plucked them un-intentionally, given below are some very effective methods to make your eyebrows look thicker:


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    Fill in your thin eyebrows

    You can fill the thin areas of your eyebrows with the help of some easily available eyebrow products in order create some volume.

    Apply Eyebrow Pencil: Select an eyebrow pencil, keeping the color of your eyebrows in mind. Apply the selected pencil to the thinner areas of your eyebrows, using light and feathery strokes.

    Apply a brow powder: Pick a flat angled eyebrow brush and dip it in an eyebrow powder and apply it over the natural shape of your eyebrow.  Make sure to start applying from the outer edge of your eyebrows and then proceeding towards the other end - the area closer to your nose.

    Use a clean mascara brush: Pick a clean mascara brush and gently move the loose eyebrow hair into the thin areas in order to achieve a more natural look.

    Note: Top the above mentioned products with a thin coat of brow gel or a brow powder with a waxy base in order to fix the brow hair in one position for the whole day.

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    Try some natural remedies

    These are some simple but effective natural remedies to help make your eyebrows look thicker. However, make sure to apply them regularly until you get the desired outcomes.

    Massage olive oil: Olive oil is helpful in the thickening of eyebrows. Dip a cotton ball into an olive oil and apply it to your affected eyebrows. Repeat this simple method per day until your get thick eyebrows.

    Try castor oil: Use your fingertips to rub down some pure castor oil into your eyebrows and leave if for a few hours until the oil absorbs into the roots of your brow hair. Go through this easy procedure at least one to two times per day for thick eyebrows.

    Apply milk: Take a small cup and pour in some pure milk. Dip a cotton ball or cotton sponge into the milk and apply it your eyebrows, keeping your eyes closed. Repeat this method every day.

    Apply coconut oil: Apply coconut oil to a cotton ball and gently rub it against your eyebrows. Leave it for sometime and then wash usinglukewarm water. Perform this activity every single day to make your eyebrows thicker.

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    Focus on your diet

    The key to thick eyebrows is an intake of proper proportion of sulphur and vitamins, which are essential for hair growth. Boost your eyebrow growth by adding eggs, livers, vegetables, fruits, beans, meats, pumpkin, potatoes, and onions etc.

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