How to Make Your Own Fortune Telling Cards

Know that tarot cards are available in a variety of styles. You can choose the traditional classic deck or go with the fortune card new age approach with any of the many different specialty sets. Starting from Angel cards to Native African decks, they all depend on one thing, that is random selection. Making your own Tarot deck is a tough task but creating your own fortune telling cards offers you a better approach to card reading. There are several ways to make your own fortune telling cards.

Things Required:

– Ink jet printer
– Personal artistic photos or online artwork
– Computer with Internet access
– Playing Cards (blank set)


  • 1

    Playing Cards (Blank set)

    You will need some playing cards that are essentially blank. These can be found at many different art supply shops or online. These are a set of 52 cards with printable backs and faces. They are cheap and very easy to use. Theme is important and you need it for your fortune telling deck so that your artwork is aligned. For instance, use just pictures for the deck or choose images of tattoos as you can select anything you want.

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    A normal playing deck has 52 cards and majority of the tarot cards have 78 cards. However, you do not have to follow this pattern as you can use the deck to perform one card draws for a fortune question or even a three card spread. Go with a deck of 25 cards so that you do not have problems in printing pictures. After selecting the 25 images, get them printed on the cards. Create a Microsoft Word document page to match the size of the card and print the pictures on a good quality setting.

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    Further instructions

    Carefully go through the selected images. Think about every one of them and see what it corresponds to you. Note these thoughts down on the back of that particular card. You can also type and print it on your computer to use while reading the fortune of someone. After you have completed the cards, try them on a friend or family member. Draw one card to answer a question or try a Past, Present and Future spread with three cards. Also, see if you require more cards.

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