How to Make your Own Pole Bending Set

Pole bending is an exciting sport activity, but it takes a lot of time to master the art or technique by both, the rider and horse. This works in way that horse is guided to weave through a set of bending poles, which can bought from the market. However, buying poles from the market is very expensive and you can make your own pole bending sets at home, using conventional material and techniques. Since the basic purpose of the poles is to serve the horse as guidelines, poles do not have to be made mechanically perfect.


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    To make your own pole bending sets, you can use stuff from home. You will need to collect large six coffee cans, or cans of the same size of any other product i.e. food, which can be used for making pole bending. If the cans are of aluminumĀ or metal, they are the best for use, although plastic cans can also be used.

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    Buy some cement from the market then. You will also need to buy or collect some sand. Mix the cement and sand with each other in a wheelbarrow or mixing tray. Use the cement and sand in a quantity which you think is the best to work. Also, prepare as much material as you think is enough to fill in six cans. Carefully look at the size of the cans first.

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    After mixing cement and sand, put some water into the mixture. Make a thin past, but it should not be too thin that it starts appearing like water. Fill in all six cans with this mixture up to their mouths. While mixing and filling the cans with cement, use hands protection i.e. cement gloves on your hands so that they are not damaged by the cement or the cans. Sometimes cans have sharp edges left around their top areas, especially if they are not cut with the purpose-made cutter. This can cause an injury scare to you, if you do not use proper protection.

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    You will need about six 8-feet PVC pipes then. You can buy them in the market. They are not very expensive. If you already have the pipes, put one pipe in each of the six containers and get something to hold the pipes until the cement is hardened, which can take some time. You can leave the cans near a wall, or something else that provides some support to the pipes until they are hardened in the cement.

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    Let the cement dry and hardened, and once it is, your job is finished. Fix pipes in all six cans the way you have done the first one. You can then either colour the pipes and cans, or leave as they are and your home made pole bending sets are ready for use.

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