How to Make Yourself More Photogenic

Many people think that they are not photogenic and that is why they hide themselves when somebody pulls out a camera. Let me tell you that being photogenic is nothing rather it is all about carrying yourself in a way that the camera can highlight your best features.

Of course, you cannot change your face but at least you can make yourself more presentable with a little bit of planning and preparation. You will have to spare some time for yourself and you will be amazed to see the results. It’s time to show the world what you have got.


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    Smile Please:

    First of all, you need to be in right frame of mind. Stop worrying about your looks and start smiling. Stand in front of a mirror, evaluate yourself and discover the best thing in your personality. Try to notice which pose makes you more photogenic. You can make a significant difference just by changing your style of smiling.

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    Appreciate yourself:

    Appreciating yourself is very important as people won’t accept you until you embrace yourself. Spare some time for yourself and praise your beauty. Remember, your face just reflects your inner feelings and if you are not at peace then nothing can make you attractive.

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    Wear suitable clothes:

    You must focus on what you are wearing as it affects your overall look. You should wear only those clothes that draw attention to your figure and compliment your complexion. Similarly, you should dress up according to the occasion otherwise you will definitely look strange.

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    Focus on your posture:

    Good posture is really important to make your photographs more presentable. Do not slouch or bend rather you should stand or sit straight. This posture will make you look taller, healthier and more active.

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    Posing for camera:

    The way you stand in front of the camera is very important as sometimes a bad posture hides your best features and makes you look ordinary. It is always better to create a slight angle while maintaining eye contact with the camera. You should practice this pose quite often so that it does not look strange when you actually do it in front of the camera.

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    Face the lens:

    Lift your face slightly to take full advantage of camera light. Moreover, tilting your face down might cause a double chin.

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    Take care of yourself:

    Use scrub, facial mask and wash your face to remove the dirt, pimples and other unwanted scars.

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