How to Market your Crafts

Having the ability to make high quality crafts is a great skill which can keep you busy for hours. However, being able to market your crafts for money is a different situation altogether. Marketing your crafts will basically give other people or business some awareness to your work so that they might purchase your craft items. It is not that difficult to market your crafts especially if you have some guidelines that are easy to follow. Remember it takes a lot of hard work and patience to market your crafts.


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    Organise crafts:

    Sit down and carefully organise your crafts in to different categories. This will make it easy to put together a decent catalogue for your marketing activities. Group your crafts according to the materials used or the functions that they might perform. Keep your system simple and easy to follow.

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    Develop marketing materials:

    You should put together a nice catalogue or brochure of the different crafts that you want to market. Be sure to have nice high resolution pictures and descriptions of your crafts so that other people can read through your brochure or catalogue and get a good idea of your crafts. It is a good idea to make a separate price list that you can regularly update according the size of any potential order you might get.

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    Develop website:

    It is a good idea to get a basic website to showcase your crafts and also have contact information so that other people that are interested can contact you when they want. You can do it yourself or hire someone to make a simple or basic website for you to make it easier to market your crafts.

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    Internet marketing:

    You can also market your crafts on other websites like auctions or craft based websites that give you free space and take a small percentage of your proceeds if someone orders something off their website. These sites make it relatively easy for people to see your crafts and get some valuable marketing or sales done.

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    Visit craft fairs:

    There are usually some craft fairs that go on around the country and you can always get a small stall that will allow you to showcase your crafts to others. The benefit of these craft fairs is that large buyers often visit these to develop contacts with craft makers for big orders or custom craft designs.

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    Place crafts in stores:

    You can talk to different stores in your area and ask them to display your crafts for a percentage of the profits. Having your crafts in a busy store is the best type of marketing for your products.

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