How to Meet the Challenges of Long Distance Relationship

With the popularity and easy access of internet, the social circles started expanding and now long distance relationships are very common. On other hand, due to the economic conditions, too many people are forced to get jobs out of the city or even out of the country leaving their partners alone. Since distance matters a lot, you should know that you’ve to do some extra effort to keep the bond; else your relationship may undergo disturbances resulting into stress for both of you. Below are few guidelines to help you meet the challenges of long distance relationship.


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    Realize it Will be Hard
    First of all, realize that long distance relationships are not casual relationships; only couples who are very committed can enter a long distance relationship. A long distance relationship has to overcome lack of physical expression, lack of physical help, loneliness, frustration and insecurity.

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    Proper Planning
    Make solid plans for your partner, and if its long distance married relationship, and you’ve children behind, you may need to be more careful. Agree on plans to ensure regular communication by phone and email as well as plans for regular visits. Planning alternate visits to each other can be a great idea as both partners get outing this way.

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    Regular Communication
    Set aside quality time to tell each other details about your day to day activities, your friends, colleagues, etc, so that you both are involved in each other’s lives; this apparently small step will tremendously reduce the distance between the two of you. Spend up to 1 hour a day either online, on the phone, or a combination of the two. On busy days spend 10 minutes or sometimes call even just a call to say “goodnight.” On special days such as your anniversary, birthdays, valentine’s day, spend a couple of hours, but you obviously have to plan ahead for that.

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    Take Care of Timings
    Respect your partner’s schedule as well as your own. Consider that they may be very busy on days that you might be completely free. At least call each day to say “goodnight.” This can be done without too much difficulty if you have a phone. Make regular long calls only on the days when both of you can talk freely.

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    Love and Trust
    The most essential long distance relationship advice is to possess trust and extreme love for one another. Just because your partner is making new friends, and he isn’t there to attend your phone call, do not automatically jump to the conclusion that he will run off with someone else.

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    See Each Other When Possible
    This is the best way to strengthen your long distance relationship. If it’s a smaller distance, see each other every four to five weeks and when you are together, spend quality time.

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