How to Minimize Pores With Foundation

Females always want to look beautiful and they go to any limit in the pursuit of this desire. However, many ladies face many problems with their skin and they fail to get desired look even with the use of make-up. Having pores on face is one of the most common and disapproving problems that ladies want to get rid of. However, you can minimise pores with foundation make-up which is the most effective way to deal with pores. If you do not know how to do it properly, then you can take guidance from this article.


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    First of all, you need to moisturise your face with a good moisturiser before applying foundation on your face. It will help in keeping your skin healthy and smooth as well.

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    After using moisturiser on your face, you need to wait to dry your skin before applying foundation. If you apply foundation on the moisturised skin, your skin will become a bit flaky.

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    Make sure you apply a moisturiser which is of top quality otherwise it will cause harm to your skin and will not help in minimising your pores.

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    Usually foundation provides a better surface to adhere by filling the pores, no matter how big the size of pores is. So apply it according to the directions by the manufacturer for getting better results.

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    You need to select a liquid foundation that suits to your skin. If your skin is dry then use a luminous finish foundation and if you have oily skin then best foundation is matte finish foundation.

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    Do not over use the liquid foundation on pores which will make them more prominent. Make sure you have evenly covered these pores.

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    Use a sponge to make the layer of liquid even on all areas of your face. Try to start from the centre and then apply liquid foundation outwards.

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    After applying liquid foundation, you need to use a loose powder that is similar to the colour of foundation. Apply it on your face which will give you a soft finish and will help in minimising the appearance of pores.

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    However, make sure you do not sleep while applying liquid foundation on your face. Always remove it before going to the bed which will keep your skin healthy.

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