How to Observe Ash Wednesday for Children

The start of the season or the first day of Lent is known in Western Christianity as Ash Wednesday. It begins 40 days prior to Easter but Sundays are not included in the count. Apart from a number of other Ash Wednesday services and traditions, the minister also gently rubs a cross on the foreheads of the worshippers, after putting it in the ashes. However, every Christian church does not observe Ash Wednesday or Lent; it is mostly observed by the Roman Catholics or Anglican, Methodist, Lutheran and Presbyterian denominations. In addition to observing these days yourself, it is also important to involve your children in religious festivals and rituals, helping them improve their interest in religion.

Things Required:

– Coloured sheets
– Story books & poems


  • 1

    Teach your children about the activities

    Before Ash Wednesday, it is extremely important to teach your children about the activities of the festival and how the worship needs to be performed. Try to guide them each year so that the rituals remain fresh in their minds.

    Coloured sheets, poems, and stories can be used to effectively teach children about Ash Wednesday.

  • 2

    Allow children to prepare a feast

    While most adults like to fast or sacrifice a meal on Ash Wednesday, children should be allowed to prepare a feast for the family. This will help a great deal in helping your children feel involved in the festival.

  • 3

    Attend church with your children

    In order to help your children understand and observe Ash Wednesday, you must take them to church for Ash Wednesday service. The priest will dip his thumb into the previously blessed ashes before mass in a Catholic church, after which he will form the mark of a cross on the forehead of your children. While marking a cross on the forehead, the priest will say, "Remember, man, that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return".

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    Allow the children to give alms

    By allowing the children to give alms, you will teach your children to be generous. Ash Wednesday is a great festival for charity. Children of blessed families must know that it is their duty to help the people in need.

  • 5

    Reflect upon your relationship with God

    Ash Wednesday provides an ideal opportunity for people to reflect upon their relationship with God. You should sit down in church quietly for some time and ask your children to do the same. Seeing you strengthening your connection with God, the children will naturally want to experience the same feeling.

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