How To Open a Frozen Car Door

It is almost impossible to enter your car in the winters when the roads are covered with ice. A major problem for many people in the winter is that the doors are jammed and cannot be opened with the handle. In these situations, there is nothing much an individual can do except for waiting for the ice on the door to melt which is impossible given the freezing temperatures.

There are certain ways through which the problem can be solved. Warm water can be poured on the frozen door to melt the ice on the handle or different products in the market such as de-icers and windshield fluids can be used. A hair dryer is also effective in melting the ice on the door in this case.


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    Try to enter the car through another door

    It would be much easier to push the door open from inside the car. For this, try to enter the car through any of the other three doors. If that is possible, push the frozen door from inside and try to open it from the handle inside. However, if all the other doors are locked and there is no other way to enter the car use the procedures mentioned below

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    Pour warm water on the door

    To pull open the door, the easiest thing to do would be to pour warm water over the frozen area. Slowly pour the water on the affected area to make sure the ice melts so that the door could be pushed open. This can be done through a bucket or a container and can serve the main purpose of thinning out the ice

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    Use de-icer to open the door

    A rather more effective way to melt the ice would be to use a commercial de-icer. The spray is very effective in melting the ice as it contains chemicals which surely serve the purpose. The process is also faster and easy in comparison to the filling up a bucket or a container with warm water

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    Use hair dryer to open the frozen door

    A hair dryer can also be used to melt the ice on the door. Turn the hair dryer to the highest temperature and blow the hot air to the frozen areas. This may take some time but it can reach areas that you cannot access with a bucket or a de-icer. A portable heater can also be used in this regard

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