How to Open up a Jazz Club

Opening a jazz club and then making it successful is not an easy thing as it is not all about investing a significant amount and getting a nice place for your club. It requires certain kinds of skills like you should be familiar with this genre of music and some innovative presentation which will differentiate you from others.

However, you can establish a jazz club and make it successful with little bit planning and a perfect strategy. All you need to do is to follow couple of simple but effective marketing and managing techniques.


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    In the beginning, you will have to check whether there is demand of a jazz club or not. Check your neighbourhood and do extensive research. It is very important to know why somebody else did not try to open up such club and if somebody did why it did not work.

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    If the result of your survey is favourable then next step is to find an appropriate place for your club. You should not go after expensive and executive places rather keep ease of access on top of the list. You may take help from the internet or state agency to find a suitable and economical place.

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    Before you invest, check the relevant laws of your state and follow the official procedure if there is any. You might have to get a permit along with a liquor and food license if you are planning to offer refreshments in your club. It is also important to contact the related authorities as sometimes they do not allow opening a music club in certain areas.

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    After going through all the paperwork, you should launch an advertising campaign to notify all the jazz music lovers in the town. You may hire an advertising team but you can do it yourself to save money. You can pick traditional tools like banners, posters and brochures but little bit creativity will make your campaign more appealing. You can arrange music corners in different shopping malls, road intersections and squares.

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    Now it is time to furnish your club. You should follow some theme and different free websites can provide you really valid ideas regarding the interior decoration. However, comfort should be your main objective as there won’t be any sense in spending too much money if your customers are not at ease.

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    You must know your target audience. Contact local and national bands which you think are popular in the town. Formulate a contract regarding booking and payment for bands. Buy and install the best sound systems.

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    Now, when you are all set to go, organise a grand opening and rock the town.

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